03 October 2007

The Perfect Outfit for Kit

If you're unfamiliar with the American Girl pantheon, Kit is the doll that represents the Depression Era. You know, when people made do with what they had, and didn't spend a bazillion bucks on doll accessories.

So, it seemed fitting to make an outfit for Kit by cutting up old clothes:

Actually, I had been a bit too efficient on getting rid of MrV's old plaid shirts, so I had to buy a bit of blue plaid from the fabric store for 50 cents (he still had a blue plaid shirt that would've been perfect, but he wouldn't let me near it with the scissors). The turtleneck is from a pique golf shirt. The pattern is once again from Joan Hind's Sew the Essential Wardrobe for 18-Inch Dolls. Once again I modified the pattern, particularly giving the turtleneck a back velcro closure since I think pulling a turtleneck over a doll's head is the pits.

By the way, this post should no be taken as meaning that anyone here actually owns a Kit doll. The outfit was made as a birthday present. The birthday girl will be travelling to American Girl Place with a dear aunt sometime soon to make The Big Purchase -- she already has a Welcome Home sign hanging in her room for the day Kit arrives.


Weaver said...

We've been to the American Girl Place in Chicago and it is AMAZING!!! It took everything I had not to buy one of everything! We haven't taken the girls there yet (we were downtown for a work event for Brewer, so had no kids). I fear how much the trip would cost us if we actually had them with us :)

The outfit is beautiful! I may have to look into that book. The girls have bitty babies now, but "big girls" are in their future.

Tara, Walkabout said...

We are part of the American Girl machine, although I put the brakes on when it comes to buying clothes. Most of T's favorite doll outfits are made from chopped up old clothes, thrift store finds or scraps we have around the house. And her friends like them better than the stuff from the store.
Great outfit! I'm sure it will be a hit with the birthday girl. And Miss Kit, of course.

mermaids said...

the "welcome home" sign is too sweet. i love that a girl is so excited about a doll. the outfit is perfect! making doll clothes is a great way to use up bits of fabric and lots of creativity.

Lorraine said...

Yup, our girls love the 18" dolls and clothing, too, but I just don't have the wherewithal to put together such a great outfit. Wow! So cute!