06 April 2006

Sheep update

Monday: Decide to dig out sheep and finish them. Realize I don't have the pattern, the yarn or the needles. Fret about what to do.

Tuesday: Blog about impending sheep disaster. Afterwards, totally forget sheep exist. What sheep? Huh?

Wednesday: Recall that earlier in the week I wanted to do some sheep-thing, but have lost interest by now. Plus, you know, the kids are always hanging around and I wanted the sheep to be a surprise (there was a discussion a few weeks ago on Mothering.com Learning at Home about the disadvantages of homeschooling; I would go back and change my answer to "cannot knit sheep whenever I want", but figure that would be too cryptic to be helpful to others). On the other hand, really really want to be knitting something, and have by now realized that the felted backpack was such a dorky idea that I'd rather trim my cat's toenails than work on it. Trim cat's toenails. Cat prays I find something worth knitting soon.

Thursday morning: Get up hours before kids get up. Feel guilty that I'm not down in basement searching for black yarn for hooves. Decide that feeling guilty is progress -- a couple of days ago I didn't even remember I was working on this project! Whoopee! This is enough progress for today, as a matter of fact. Spend rest of morning reading Melissa Wiley's blog (She's the author of the Martha series of the Little House books, a homeschooling mom, and due to deliver a baby any day now. We just started Little House in the Highlands as our breakfast time read aloud. Cool coincidence -- a couple of days ago she posted a bunch of tie-ins to the Martha books. It's sort of like an instant unit study!).

Plans for rest of day: Purchase yarn that has no bearing whatsoever on any project mentioned up until this time.

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Linda said...

this post cracks me up...it's typical of things I would do as well...want to start a project, get distracted, forget about it, worry about it, etc.

saw you at Michele's and thought I'd say Hi!