28 April 2006

"Aren't you glad you're sick today?"

KidV2 isn't quite as sick as KidV1. But she's loving the general air of illness about the house. She's allowed to grouse about how awful she feels and how much she's suffering! (Okay, she's always allowed to do that, but we pay less attention to her most days.) She has a good reason to stay in her pajamas most of the day! Mommy fixes endless cups of Apple-Kudzu (warm apple juice mixed with kudzu and cinnamon, recipe from Naturally Healthy Babies and Children by Aviva Romm, which is my A#1 sourcebook and cannot-live-without-it survival guide).

Best of all, we're playing endless rounds of Princess . It's a cooperative game which relies on your imagination. Some knowledge of how fairy tales typically work helps, too. Let me tell you, we've got more imagination and fairy-tale knowledge around here than we usually know what to do with. So when it comes to rescuing a princess from a castle before nightfall, we're on the job, fording rivers, passing dogs and guards, opening doors, etc. etc. We laughed and laughed at some of the ideas we were coming up with to overcome the obstacles in our way.

It was after a particularly fun round that KidV2 burst out with the question in the title: "Aren't you glad you're sick today?" KidV1 looked at her in horror. No, KidV1 has had a fever, has been up all night coughing, and accidentally whacked her hand so hard she couldn't even write with it. No, KidV1 really and truly wasn't glad she was sick.

I've taken Hornblower's recommendation of prophylactic knitting to heart. I've been knitting away on Green Gable. All symptoms cleared up almost immediately. And I decided I had a better idea than the pattern about how to do the lace insert. As the knitting progresses, though, I'm starting to wonder if my idea was all that good. I've not got quite enough rows to make trying it on worthwhile, but if I went ahead and ripped it back now I'd have less ripping and reknitting to contend with. Hmmmm....

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