03 April 2006

The weekend featured little knitting content (or, for that matter, sleep) and this post reflects it

On the other hand, some homeschool-related stuff did occur -- Mr.V met a homeschool family in the airport. A mom with 5 kids and possibly another on the way (he couldn't tell if she was pregnant, but follows the rule that you never comment that a woman you just met looks pregnant unless she's actually giving birth at that moment) was coming back to the US after 6 months in Mexico. I immediately leapt to the conclusion that they use Sonlight, and had a tremendous urge to waft around the Sonlight forums looking for someone with 5 kids moving from Mexico to the US. But, of course, I can't get into the Sonlight forums, since we don't use Sonlight anymore. We used Sonlight K for KidV2 a couple of years ago, but those days are gone.

Also, I realize that I'm making all sorts of wild assumptions that a larger family homeschooling while overseas would automatically use Sonlight. It was just that "larger family" and "overseas" tend to be popular profiles in Sonlight.

Then, some things were said in church that made me think about Sonlight. I forget what was said, but I found myself musing about ordering, say, Sonlight 6 ... the thrill of getting all the books together, knowing what we would be studying all year. Oh, the fantasy of it all, that we would suddenly transform into one of those families pictured in the catalog. And to think, the new catalog is on its way here, even as I type this.

The reality is that if I ordered it we'd throw out their schedule within about 3 weeks. KidV1 would run off to her room with all of the books that look interesting and read them immediately. She would refuse to have anything to do with the rest. They'd whine about the science not being what they're interested in. And I would totally loose interest in the whole shebang within a month. Long term focus isn't one of my strong points. I mean, look at this blog -- I say it's about not just one but two subjects (knitting and homeschooling), and even then I can't stay on topic.

Other things we did this weekend:

Prepped entrance for painting, which involved washing old wallpaper paste off of wall, filling in dings with spackling, etc.
Set up the swingset, which is 8 feet high; the swings aren't attached yet, though. This doesn't bother the cat, who likes to walk along the top of it.
Changed clocks, which I think is really really stupid and should be done away with. Really.
Hung out in the basement when the sirens went off during a bad storm featuring tornado warnings. Mr.V took a bit of a nap, the kids played cards, I picked up Barbies and Playmobil.
Ate a box of Thin Mints. Okay, that was just me doing that. I considered it my contribution to making the house gluten-free. I'm self-sacrificing that way.
Met another neighbor.
Had swarms of kids running through our yard, going down our slide, playing on the trapeze. Okay, actually it was only about 6 or 7 kids, but it lasted about 8 hours straight and they were in constant motion most of the time, so it seemed like more. I'm wondering if this is a foretaste of summer. If so, we need a separate freezer for all the popsicles we're going to need.


Vegan Knitting said...

I think you've got a good idea with the separate popsicle fridge.

GailV said...

The kids told me last night that they explained to a neighborhood friend that we make our own popsicles. The little girl wondered, do we make blue? Green? Ummm, sorry, no, although we've done some pale green. Not only do we not make those kinds, we never buy those kinds, and I've strongly suggested to my kids that they never eat those kinds.

It may be a while before we're considered the House of Popsicles, given that we have a mom living here who is whacked out on healthy organic treats.