10 April 2006

Mail Call!

Ta-daa! About 48 hours after ordering from Jimmy Bean's Wool the first part of my order arrived in my mailbox (which, if you knew how tenuous our mail delivery is, you'd be really amazed)

This shipment contained 2 skeins of Lorna's Laces, a ball of Rowan Holiday in white (it probably has some cool Rowanesque name, but I ripped into the ball right away and instantly lost the tag) and Kidsilk Haze in offwhite (ditto on the name).

The Rowan yarn is already being transformed into a Scribble Lace shawl, which is really a fun thing to do, folks. Really. You ought to try it.

The Sonlight catalogue also arrived in the mail. Sigh. Last week I was babbling about how tempted I was to go with Sonlight, since, you know, something about it is soooo alluring ... you look through the catalogue and find yourself thinking, "if only I spent several hundred dollars on this curriculum, life would be better. My kids would be smarter, my bathrooms would be cleaner, I would finish those felted sheep in time for Easter, I'd remember to floss my teeth every night." But, last Monday I got the Memoria Press catalogue, which contains Mungo's new book The Latin Centered Curriculum .

Well, I really really want to read this book. And I really really want to think about this book, and how it applies to how we homeschool. So, I was all pumped up on my new Latin-centered sensibilities, and pretty sure this would shield me from the siren song of Sonlight.

But, alas, Mungo's book isn't actually being shipped yet, so I can't physically hold a copy in my hand with which to beat the Sonlight catalogue into submission. (Total aside: I was initially sort of weirded out that the author on Mungo's book was listed as Andrew Campbell. IS NOT! IT'S "MUNGO"! I've come to terms with the fact that his book is supposed to reach beyond this ephemeral blog-world we occupy, unlike those by other authors who emblazon their blog persona right onto their books.)

So, anyway, when I looked throught the Sonlight catalogue ... oh my ... I started to get a little dizzy. A little swoony. That Core 6 ... what a core. Ancient history. I could get it for KidV1 for next fall, and maybe parts of Core 1 for KidV2 (niggling voice: wasn't I planning on doing a Waldorf-inspired block of Saints and Heroes for KidV2 next fall? ). Heck, why wait? We're not doing any history at the moment, so why not get Core 5 NOW and whip through the history and readers of it during this late spring/summer season. And we could even get out our Rosetta Stone Mandarin Chinese (core 5 is about Eastern hemisphere, for those who haven't yet memorized the catalogue). Then, when we switch to Core 6, we could start really concentrating on Latin. Maybe we could combine Sonlight and Latin Classical Ed, with a side helping of Waldorf. Wheeeee! Sort of blows that entire "multum non multa" (less is more) concept of Latin Classical Ed, but wouldn't it be cool?

It's moments like these I really sympathize with knitters who purchase more yarn than they can possible knit up in their lifetimes. I'm careening down the path of purchasing more homeschool stuff than we can possibly read through in a lifetime. It's exhilirating. You know it's so wrong, but it feels so good. Well, it feels so good until the books actually show up on your doorstep and you realize you need to shoehorn them onto the bookshelves, not to mention that since the moment you pressed the "submit order" button you've totally lost interest in that style of homeschooling and really want to pursue something else.

Whew. I need to cool down by going to read the new Knitty . I expect to find something I'd rather be knitting, but, you know, yarn is cheaper than curriculum.

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