07 April 2006

Bits and Pieces

Homeschool bits:

We are currently operating without a math book. I tried to get Singapore 5A from the local homeschool store last week. It was the one and only Singapore math book they did not have. So, we've been using a combination of Zaccaro's Challenge Math , Calculadders, and a bit of Quarter Mile Math. I've decided, though, to order the RightStart Geometry course (I've linked to a review rather than an order page there, because I think the review explains the course better). Apparently it includes within its geometry about 90% of the math topics a middle school student needs. Given KidV1's love a geometry, I think we may have a winner here.

By the way, you wouldn't believe how long it took me to get to the homeschool store. I drove up and down the street I thought it was on ... up and down, up and down. Finally I came home, looked again at Mapquest, looked again at the store's website, and tried again. Several hours and several gallons of gas later I finally found it. And then they didn't have the math book I wanted. Gees. The moral is, I'm not in the mood to discuss the glories of buying locally.

Speaking of which, knitting bits:

I was ordering a boatload of yarn from Jimmy Bean's Wool . By "boatload" I mean, "Wow, I'm so close to free shipping I should go browse through the sale stuff, since my next $4 worth of yarn is virtually free". But, alas, after I placed my order they emailed to notify me they were out of some of the yarn I chose. We sent several emails back and forth -- they described the situation, suggested substitution, then I described what I was making and my time frame. Back and forth we went, and within a very short time we had everything resolved and my package was shipped. All in all, less time than it would've taken me to figure out how to get to a yarn shop here in town (basis last week's "let's go find a little shop on a sidestreet" adventure).

All of my transactions with them have been great. Plus I like the picture of the dog they use when they don't have a picture of the yarn.

Self-improvement bits:

I am actually thinking about doing this (Latin by the Dowling method, aka really-long-tedious-way-to-pound-Latin-into-your-brain). Remember this moment, for some day we will look back upon it and laugh.

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Weaver Brewer & Fam said...

hey, congrats on the "shopping trip!"
I pm'ed you on the denim jumper to explain why we see an Ohio doc. :)