17 April 2006

Post-easter Wrap-up

Sheep: Felted as of Friday morning. Never got around to stuffing and sewing up, though. KidV2 wandered in while I was working on them, and never told her sister about it. This is a miracle. I think I'll put them in a box for next year. Surely I can manage to stuff and sew them by next year, right? (Note to A from comments -- it's a Fiber Trends pattern.)

Scribble Lace shawl: Half completed. It was in the mid-80s on Easter, so wraps were not needed.

Community egg hunt -- completed. Dying Easter eggs -- completed. Stations of the Cross -- skipped, although we had some extra kids over during it so parents could go. People over for dinner the night before Easter -- completed. Household Easter egg hunt -- competed. Filled Easter baskets magically appearing -- completed. Number of Easter lilies at church -- 0 (Easter lilies really bug me. So does dying Easter eggs, for that matter. In a perfect world these things would not exist). Easter dinner at L-and-M's house -- completed. Backyard Washer tournament, in which we discovered that KidV1 is a washer-pitchin' prodigy -- completed (in spite of years living in places like Evansville Indiana, I had never seen anyone play Washers before ... who came up with this game? Are we doomed to have this be a new Easter tradition?)

Number of pictures I've tried to upload from iPhoto to Blogger in the past week -- innumerable. The 2 systems were having a bit of a tiff, so my Show Your Shelves entry (a homeschool blog thing) never happened. I was able to upload this photo this morning, though:

I look eerily like my Aunt Carolyn in this. I also look like I'm about to keel over. Which isn't to say that Aunt Carolyn typically looks like she's going to keel over. I guess I look like Aunt Carolyn would if she stayed up late Saturday night entertaining guests, then stayed up even later putting together Easter baskets and plastic eggs, then got up at about 6 a.m. to hide the eggs in her back yard. You know, that look.

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