27 April 2006


So, I was busy yesterday morning caring for sick kids and doing a bunch of cleaning ... my method of dealing with most illnesses is to prescribe rest and plenty of liquids, then scrub every surface in the house. I was stripping beds, washing sheets, wiping shelves, vacuuming, when the doorbell rang.

It was the UPS man, dropping off a box from WEBS full of this:

And I was instantly transformed into Virtuous Mom, who ignores the box full of yarn on the dining room table, not even bothering to open it. Virtuous Mom went on cleaning, distributing liquids, taking temperatures, and, yes, even offering to play Sorry.

When I did open it, I discovered Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece in color Tea Rose for the Green Gable I plan to knit. The Regia is obviously for socks, although I forgot I ordered it (and also forgot that I don't actually like knitting socks -- I like handknit socks, I like having knit them, but I don't like the knitting itself). And the Tahki Cotton Classic and the Debbie Bliss Cathay? Who knows what I was thinking .... I mean, obviously I had visions of summer tops dancing in my head, but other than that I'm really not sure.

Late in the afternoon KidV2 wrapped her arms around me and said that she feels better knowing that I'm home with her. So sweet. And so much the final reason to not go see Yarn Harlot last night. I stayed home and swatched instead. Virtuous Mom is like that.

Right now I'm hoping that Virtuous Mom isn't transforming into I-seem-to-have-caught-what-the-kids-have Mom. We shall see.


Weaver Brewer & Fam said...

~~~~~ (those are the no-sick-momma-vibes I'm sending your way, I hope they get there in time :) )

Isn't the UPS man at the door a wonderful thing? :) We got a UPS package from my mom yesterday. When daddy got home, the youngest was showing him the loot and he asked who it was from. She (at 2 1/2) told him it was from "some guy" I told him it was from mom and then we realized the "guy" she was talking to was the UPS man :) cracked me up!

Enjoy your new knitting projects!

Hornblower said...

Hey, I missed the Yarn Harlot too for family reasons. When she was in Vancouver, I had to go to Roo's company's summer picnic which was held at the water slides - fun for the whole family!
Hope the viruses pass you by. OTOH, if you're just a tiny bit sick, I hear the thing to do is sit on a couch all day and knit. It's medicinal. Honest. Maybe you should do it prophylactically?

Olive Oyl/Pensguys said...

WOW! What a mom to miss out on the Yarn Harlot!!!! :)

Hope everyone is well soon!