14 March 2006


It's March 14! That means it's 3.14! Pi Day!

And, since it's Tuesday, I couldn't help but think that it would be cool to have a Pi-themed Tuesday Teatime. We could eat pie! Have big pillar candles! Read poetry about math!

I even googled pi poetry (and, yes, there is poetry about pi) and discovered that it's Albert Einstein's birthday today. If you're into this, check out the ridiculously enhanced pi page. Their festivities will begin at 1:59 (get it? They'll have a party at 3.14159, wink, nudge, teehee).

Of course, we won't actually be holding such a Tuesday Teatime since we have already scheduled a weather-themed teatime. And it has been Highly Anticipated all week.

But, I can privately celebrate all the math-y-ness of the day with a new knitting project:

A moebius wrap. I'm using the directions from Cat Bordhi's Second Treasury of Magical Knitting and Fleece Artist's Handmaiden Silk Spun. It's really wonderfully mindless knitting, just around and around that loooooong single edge. I should be able to get some reading done while knitting this. Now, if I could figure out what to read, since I've started about 20 different books simultaneously. I tend to be monogamous with my knitting, but horribly polygamous with my reading.

Actually, I cast this on last night. DadV took KidV1 to the hockey game (the Blues won! Celebrate! Or maybe just sit in stunned amazement). After KidV2 and I figured out equitable junk food (this is Very Important, as hockey games are reknowned in our household for the availiblity of delicacies like nachos and cotton candy) we popped in our Beauty and the Beast video and I was given permission to cast on as long as it did not hinder my ability to be snuggled-up-with during the scary parts.

In spite of the late night we all had, the kids awoke early this morning and have already donned various dress up costumes. KidV2 has on a homemade Belle dress, of course.


Olive Oyl/Pensguys said...

Oooooooh....LOVE the colors!!!! Can't wait to see it as it grows!

I still need to post pix of my current sock.

Weaver Brewer & Fam said...

I love this scarf! It almost makes me want to learn to knit ;)

You asked on my blog about my needle felted rabbits, thank you by the way, I love comments. :) they are all fiber. I just grab a chunk (wad, piece, whatever), kind of roll it up a bit and start jabbing it with the felting needle. It is great fun! even though I don't usually know what I'm making till it starts to "look like" something. My favorite place to get ideas (and there are some tutorials) is craftster.org/forum/ It seems to be down right now but should be back later today. There are some seriously talented ladies there. Mostly, I'm just learning by poking :) Have you done any needle felting? It's a fairly cheap hobby and I'm really having a ton of fun learning/experimenting.

Anyway, now that i've bored you to tears :)
Happy Pi day!!!

Ami said...

I've just started playing with a knifty knitter... I need easy, "see spot run" stuff... I don't have a live person to show me how to do these things. :)

I love the poncho from your previous post, but the yarn this time looks really yummy. What *is* a Mobius wrap? Does one have to be an Einstein to 'get' it?