06 March 2006

Knitting and more

Friday night I worked on the Homespun poncho while we watched a video (Nico the Unicorn -- very cute). Since I was knitting from the neck down, it was simply a matter of making it long enough, so when I got to an okay looking length I bound off and discovered ... the neck is way too big. Oops. KidV2 (who has the same large head/scrawny shoulder physique as I do, which is why I messed this up so bad) begged me to Leave It Alone ("please don't rip it back up, Mommy"). Sigh. I pointed out that in any event, it was currently unwearable since it needed to be blocked and fringed.

Saturday was spent on this:

Yes, we're building a playset in our backyard. We spent all day on it Saturday. It was cloudy and in the 40s, but we persevered.

The decks the kids are climbing onto were shipped pre-assembled. They are heavy. The upper one is 7 feet off the ground. I am 5'3". This posed a problem, especially when I became acutely aware that my weight-lifting program is lacking military presses. Still, we persevered.

We now have the upper rails on. This involved my sitting up on the top deck, cold, exhausted, scared of heights, scared I was going to drop the blasted thing on DadV's head (it wasn't as heavy as the deck, but it was still heavy).

It was a long day. No knitting occured.

Sunday dawned gloomy and cold. As we sat in church we heard the sound of a pounding rainstorm. Hallelujah! We get a day of rest from the playset! So, after doing all the stuff that didn't get done on Sunday (shopping, washing dishes, etc.), I finally sat down and started picking out the cast-on row from the poncho.

Well, first I stuck some double-point needles in the row I wanted to rip to. Then I picked out the cast on row, and unravelled down to my needles. I then started knitting up the poncho, including 2 decrease rows. I cast off when I reached the original length. Tried it on KidV2. Now the neck is too small. Umm, yeah. So I'll have to rip back down, but this should be easy now (I don't know if it's less fiddly to rip back from a cast off row than a cast on row, but it's certainly more comfortable psychologically).

I don't know when this will take place though. DadV is planning on coming home early today so we can work on the playset. And right now we should be doing French.

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