21 March 2006

Tuesday Teatime

Last week's Tuesday Teatime was an extravaganza. It's taken a week to recover from it enough to blog about it.

We used weather as our theme. KidV2 was very excited, as weather is one of her interests. I got several hugs and "thanks for doing this, Mommy" before, during and after teatime.

We read poems about weather in general, followed by groups of poems about specific types of weather such as rain, snow, wind, sun and rainbows. We recited as a group, and also recited solo. KidV2 performed an original composition for voice and piano. Other authors included A.A. Milne, Christina Rosetti, Walter de la Mare, and Robert Louis Stevenson. I tried to keep it pretty kid-friendly.

Our treats were also an extravaganza:

Those are Country Choice organic Sandwich Cremes in vanilla (KidV2's favorite) topped with homemade white frosting I had tinted yellow with food coloring. After some experimenting, I did the faces with some food coloring gel tubes we had around. The rays are plain old stick pretzels, broken in half. The beverage is Trader Joe's organic white grape juice diluted 50 percent with water, and given a dose of blue food coloring.

Afterwards, jacked up on sugar and food coloring, the kids went out and played on the playset ... and ended up in a HUGE fight, featuring screaming and hair-pulling and, yes, all-out tantrum-throwing. What a way to end the afternoon.

I'm not sure what we're doing for teatime today. There was some talk of wanting a springtime theme, but it has snowed. As a matter of fact, I need to go take the kids sledding right now. I told them whatever we do, the snacks will be more along the line of apple slices and carrot sticks; the junk food has got to go. This has started some meditation on why we like Tuesday Teatime -- do we tolerate the poetry just so we can eat treats? Do we simply like the rhythm it adds to our weeks? Is it all about getting to blow out the candles at the end? I guess time will tell.

By the way, Weaver, your comment reminded me that I have a recipe for homemade marshmallows (which would make a great treat for a snow themed teatime, except I don't have time to make them, and they're pretty much pure sugar and corn syrup). I've never tried it, though. I'd love to see yours, especially if you give commentary on your experiences making them.

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Weaver Brewer & Fam said...

Reading about your teatimes has totally made me want to do this at our house, but I do totally see us just using it as an excuse to eat sweets (of which, we eat plenty without an excuse)

I'll post about our marshmallow fun asap (probably today)