09 March 2006


It's a gloomy, rainy day, and I am mired in the unspeakably tedious task of making fringe out of Lion Brand Homespun. If you've ever worked with Homespun you know how the ends look frayed and worn almost instantly. So I'm tying a wee little knot in each and every end. I'm hoping this will help keep the fringe from morphing into the ultimate dead-leaf-magnet when KidV2 wears it to play outside. Heaven knows her hair picks up enough dead leaves, we don't need even more on her body.

I am not a fan of fringe-making to begin with, but making all of these knots may put me right around the bend.


Weaver Brewer & Fam said...

The poncho sounds great. Of course anything that I make that one of the kids will actually wear is always a good thing ;)

Recently, I wove a chenille shawl and wanted fringe. I had to tie a knot on the edges of every piece (some 300 pieces I think) ugh!

I found your blog from the Denim Jumper. I'll stick around looking for a pic of the poncho :)

--Weaver (chipper on TDJ)

Sarah said...

Ugh- homespun fringe... I wove a scarf out of homespum before I understood the fringe issue. I actaully came to the conclusion that homespun would be a great source of unspun acrylic fiber for a spinning project. I think it should be called "unspun" not "homespun" Cute poincho though!