10 March 2006

Tragic lack of "finished poncho" pictures

I'm not quite sure how it happened that I didn't get a photo of KidV2 in her new poncho. She put it on several times yesterday, although removed it when eating a snack that consisted of Trader Joe's Cocoa Hazelnut Spread smeared all over bananas and topped with ice cream and vanilla yogurt (the snack did end up down her shirt), and left it off when going out to play as it was pouring down rain and outdoor playtime yesterday consisted of wallowing in every mud puddle in the neighborhood.

Random other stuff:

Our adventures in learning about bees continues. KidV2 got stung on the finger, and her entire hand has swollen up like a balloon. We have discussed bees vs. hornets vs. wasps.

The neighbors' forsythia bushes are blooming.

We have just discovered Star Trek TNG reruns on every evening. This is one of the few TV shows I'm interested in watching. The two-part episode wherein they go back to 19th century San Francisco was on. I rationalized that it was good for history, since it occurred right after the 49ers, and science, since the space travel aspect ties in with astronomy. We've watched TV every night this week, and let me tell you, it really sucks up a lot of time. I did manage to handwind some yarn during this.

KidV1 had announced that all of her sweaters are too small. I have until next fall to rectify this. I was going to pull out all of the pattern books to start browsing, but it occurred to me that what she really wants is a Weasley. The challenge will be to find an appropriate yarn. I'm open to suggestions.

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Weaver Brewer & Fam said...

I wish I had a yarn suggestion. As a crocheter, sewer, spinner, weaver, felter and huge Harry fan, I'm dying to have that sweater :) notice the lack of knitter in that long list of hobbies. Someday I will have to rectify that. Good luck!