01 March 2006

Tuesday Teatime

I was reading about Sewing With a Plan last week, and decided it was time to start Living With a Plan. I was going to start Knitting With a Plan, Cleaning With a Plan, Homeschooling With a (better) Plan, and, by golly, having Teatime With a Plan.

Our first Planned Teatime was going to be yesterday, Shrove Tuesday. I dutifully found appropriate food ( Shrove Tuesday Buns ; no fried dough items here, as I was afraid I'd set the kitchen on fire).

But the weather did not cooperate. It was sunny and warm and the kids wanted to be outside. They wanted to have their own Plan, which was a fairy teatime. So, they dressed in fairy wings and flowers, took a picnic cloth outside, and awaited my arrival with Pink Tea (Celestial Seasonings Raspberry Zinger) and warm weather treats ( Citron Givres from Trader Joe's).

We read For I Will Consider My Cat Jeoffry, by Christopher Smart, illustrated by Emily Arnold McCully (I can find tons of links to the poem itself, but no illustration of the actual book). It's part of a longer poem entitled Jubilate Agno. I think the poem itself was a bit hard for the kids to follow, but the illustrations brought it together for them.

So often in homeschooling (or parenting, for that matter) it's important to have a plan, and it's also important to be willing to abandon it. My kids teach me that lesson over and over.

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Vegan Knitting said...

Ha! Another Christopher Smart fan! I love that man.