24 March 2006

Random stuff

KNITTING: I've started the Felted Daypack in the Winter 2004 Interweave Knits. I'm making it out of Lite-Lopi. The pattern says to use a size 8 circular, but when I gathered all my stuff together to start it last night I decided I didn't like my size 8 circ. I'm using a size 7 instead. I haven't bothered with a gauge swatch. Stay tuned for disaster when I finally realize why casually switching needles and ignoring gauge isn't a good idea.

LATIN: Some kind soul posted a list of Simon Says commands in Latin on the Latin Classical Ed list. Now I can pretend (fleetingly) to be a fun mom. Well, I can pretend to be a fun mom insofar as teaching Latin is concerned. I'm planning on weaseling out of going to homeschool swim this afternoon, so I'll be retaining my overall No Fun title.

ASTRONOMY: I found this cool site about astronomy observation last night: Star-Hunting Party . I found it on someone else's blog. Whose, you ask? Ummm, well, umm (lowers head, kicks toe in dirt) I sorta forget ... I sorta clicked on it from TheDenimJumper.com, but I forget exactly who it was.

CARDS: I need to go play Old Maid right now. Other pearls of wisdom will have to wait.


Chris said...

My heavens, I found your Christmas card--while I was 'picking up stuff', (which, I learn, is your occupation)that mentioned your blog. Taking an online class through IUPUI right now on blogging. I have two, which aren't nearly as interesting as yours. Will this post link you to them?

GailV said...

For the record, I used to have my occupation listed as "providing lap for cats", but now that they're shedding so much for spring I've decided it's time to move on. Not to mention that "providing lap for cats" made my butt sound big. There are layers of meaning within these blogs, but I'm sure IUPUI pointed that out; they must be used to layers of meaning, what with being both IU and PU.