13 March 2006

No Knitting All Mud Weekend

Three days of rain revealed that the perk rate of our current lawn is somewhere around "what's a perk rate?" It's a quagmire out there. We went ahead and worked on the playset, in spite of the fact that the ladder tended to sink in several inches everytime we tried to use it. And the kids? Well, the kids thought the mud was a bonus. They rolled in mud. They played mud tag. They left their shoes and socks all over our yard (the neighbor kids did; our kids simply tracked it all right into the house).

I did manage to get a poncho photo:

Lion Brand Homespun knit on U.S. size 10.5 needles. The poncho also doubles as a small blankie you can take to bed with you, by the way. So although the weather has been too warm to actually wear it, it has been used nightly. That bright thing seeming to sprout out of her head is her sister's poncho, knit last year in blindingly bright colors; it can double as a roadside hazard signal.

Things to do today: Return shoes to correct houses. Clean dried mud off of floors. Clean dried mud out of clothes. Research how to improve clay soils. Research rainwater runoff plantings (it's such a "form follows function" area of landscape design; I love it! Why can't interior design be this practical?). And maybe, just maybe, cast on a new knitting project.

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Weaver Brewer & Fam said...

Great poncho! I've made tons of them for my daughters but they won't wear them very often :( but do I let that stop me? :)