07 March 2006

It's History!

Story of the World 3 is done. It's over. Finito. Been there, done that. Close that book, put it on the shelf. Woohoo.

Don't get me wrong, we really enjoyed it. It's just so satisfying to finish.

What next? We're going to take a break from history for a while to concentrate on science. KidV1 wants to do more with astronomy. KidV2 continues to be obsessed with weather. And me? I think it would be cool to study bees right now. Check this out:

We had a couple of guys here yesterday to cut down a big ol' tree branch that looked sort of dead and sort of like it might break off, fall 30 feet (this tree is tall!) and flatten whatever kid happened to be playing under it. The guy climbed up, barely touched it with a saw, and it came crashing down. This is what was inside -- yards and yards of old honeycombs. A few dead bees were hanging around, also.

I wonder what the rest of the tree has in it.

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