29 March 2006

Tuesday Teatime

We decided to have a birthday party for our cat as our Tuesday Teatime theme. The kids were convinced that we needed to celebrate his birthday sometime in March -- we had gotten him in July and he was 4 months old at the time, hence March must be his birth month (for the record, none of us can remember which year this was, although KidV1 says it was the year we went to Rehoboth for the 4th of July; unfortunately, we don't remember when that was).

So, cat-themed poetry was the order of the day. I kept it light -- no poems about starving kitties wishing they could have warm homes and enough food. I read a couple of selections from T.S. Eliot, of course. A.A. Milne also contributed. Some of the selections were anonymous, including our most popular piece, Training Your Human . I also interspersed some nursery rhymes. KidV2 performed another original composition in our cat's honor -- same tune as last time, different words.

By the way, that cat poetry website was a goldmine for putting this together. We have several poetry anthologies here at home, but I've discovered that the Internet has a wealth of poetry resources.

Our teatime treats were Trader Joe's deli-slice turkey with crackers and cheese. The cat had his turkey served on a china saucer on the floor. He was a little confused as to why he was being given food on the dining room floor, since his treats are usually confined to the kitchen (the kids wanted him to sit at the table like Thomasina in the movie, but I nixed that).

We will be continuing the festivities today since he wasn't given any presents or cards, heaven forbid, mostly because he wandered off after the turkey was gone. KidV1 finger crocheted a string for him to play with. KidV2 decorated a Trader Joe's paper bag. So we have that to look forward to today.

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Olive Oyl/Pensguys said...

Oh, how cute!!!! :) Our kitty (see my blog) is almost 13. My boys would like to do something like this for him.